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Mass skating

Do you want to feel like a professional figure skater? Welcome! Let us drop the false modesty, we have the best ice in Almaty.

No bumps, no chips, no snow chips. "Smart" equipment allows you to maintain the ideal temperature of ice and air so that the skates slide like clockwork, and you get the pleasure of skating, even being a newcomer in it.

Ice rinks are poured over by Italian Zamboni machines that have a reputation for producing of perfect ice. Water passes  4-step cleaning system and is fed using a special “puff pie” technology, due to which our ice is incredibly strong, but surprisingly plastic. Ice coverage is updated after each two-hour session.

You can come to the rink with your skates or take a couple at the box office. Hire is equipped with the equipment for instant drying and disinfection of skates. Knee pads, elbow pads and helmets - we have all sorts of means of protection against bruises. At the service of the youngest guests - penguins’ assistants. In addition, instructors for children and adults always work on ice.

Good sound of musical accompaniment, comfortable locker rooms, clean toilets, professional medical office. Practically without removing the skates, you can warm yourself with fragrant tea, coffee or cocoa with pizza - fresh from the oven. Cafe Arena Sport opens a buffet at the time of mass skating.

Mass skating takes place every weekend from 11:00 to 23:00